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We are Stykka. We print furniture.

The way we make furniture has largely been unchanged for more than 100 years. Although many design processes are digital, largely all the manufacturing processes are still manual and labour intensive, mass produced and often with a negative impact on the planet.

Stykka has set out to reinvent the way we design, manufacture and buy furniture to benefit people and the planet. We believe in bringing higher quality design to more people in a way that is more sustainable, transparent and smart.

Stykka is a digital manufacturing platform that allows us to deliver the best designs in responsible materials directly from factory to you. We collaborate with the best designers and manufactures, utilising the newest technology to bring amazing furniture to you .

Stykka is on a mission to change the furniture industry - and we would love for you to join!

We set out to digitise the entire workflow from designer to manufacturing for the benefit of people and planet.

Need help to design your new office space?

Scan it.

On large scale projects we start out by making a complete 3D model of the space by utilising the newest scanning technology. We use that to build an accurate model of your new office and populate it with your desired furniture.

Design it.

We realise that, understanding what your new space will look like from a two dimensional floor plan can be difficult. Therefor we invite you to our Lab outside Copenhagen where you can take a virtual walk in your new office and feel what it is like to sit at your new desk.

Print it.

Once you have the right feeling about the look and feel of your new office we will start the manufacturing of your furniture by using our distributed manufacturing platform. We work directly with the best furniture manufactures which means we don’t service an expensive network of physical retail stores, multiple distribution warehouses or expensive wholesalers.

Curious to how we can help you build the office space of your dreams? Drop us an email and we will give you a call to tell you more about our process and how you can get started.

Just a few of the people we have built innovative spaces for.

Automated manufacturing

When designs are exported from our plugin, our cloud servers automatically optimise, convert and distribute the manufacturing files to one of our factories. By bypassing normal manual workflows and processes, we reduce human errors, we speed up the process and reduce cost of manufacturing.


Perfect scale-to-fit designs, tailored to your very needs. Furniture that fits you like a glove and evolves with you over time — just like your business.

Build to last.

We use the highest quality materials, 100% FSC Certified wood from Scandinavia. Crafted and built to last a lifetime — or two.

Made with tech.

IWith tech, we design and manufacture with material, time, and cost-efficiency. High-end products at affordable prices.

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